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THALAVITAL - first global rehabilitation program for Thalassemia and hemoglobin disorders

The rehabiltiation program THALAVITAL includes comprehensive rehabilitation treatments which are provided by the rehabilitation specialists at ALEXIANER Krefeld Hospital Germany. Each patient receives his own individual rehabiltation program in coordination between the treating hematologist and based on his individual complications. Based on intensive performance tests and examinations at the beginning of the rehabilitation program, each program will be designed according the patient’s abilitities and needs.

 THALAVITAL improves the activities of daily living (ADL) and the motiviation of the patient through an effective combination of targeted sportive, psychologial and relaxing components. Different disorders and discomforts for e.g. at the spine, at the joints or in the cardiovascular system are treated comprehensively with sepcific movement, endurance and physical therapies. The patient gets involved in the success of his rehabilitation by structured treatment plans and individual therapy targets.

The treatment plans of Thalassemia are under the THALAVITAL program unchanged continued and are supervised by an hematologist, accompanied by blood transfusion just on demand.

All individual THALAVITAL rehabilitation programs include a personalized training program (individual take home rehab program) which enables the patient to continue at least part of his program at home and stabilize his achieved situation.

For longterm success an annual participation in the THALAVITAL rehabilitation program for at least 6 weeks  is recommended.